I’m Gareth Naylor and I love to paint watercolor landscapes.

I often go on painting trips around Japan and write about them in my blog or in my video rambles.

I’ve painted a lot of scenes and in my gallery you’ll find a wide variety of places and scenes that I have painted and not just Japan. From my travels abroad, I’ve also done some paintings of Spain, England and Wales.

I’m a strong advocate of outdoor painting, it is not only really enjoyable but it is one of the best ways to improve.

And I exhibit my work. Below is one of my exhibitions at a department store in 2020.

I also teach watercolor painting and have created what I think is one of the simplest and easiest courses for learning watercolor painting called the One Brush Method. Below is one of my popular watercolor lessons on painting a snow scene. You’ll find many more if you subscribe to my channel.

All the best, Gareth.