Watercolor Sketches of Japan

By an Englishman living in a beautiful backwater place.

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Here you can read about Japanese culture at the grass roots level from a landscape artist who travels around his local backwater prefecture looking for beautiful scenes to paint. And you can also learn about watercolor painting.​

"Evening Grace" / Kuju, Oita / November / Watercolor

Snow Scene 3

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Frederic Lecut Mosaic Artist

Traditional Japanese Street

Gareth brushes and colours capture the impermanence and beauty of the Japanese world. The lightness and liveliness of his paintings truely reflect an essential aspect of the scenes he paints. Garteh Naylor's Art pulls me into a world I feel I belong to and long for, a world of contrast and harmony, a world of modernity and tradition so poetically brought up by Gareth.

Early in 2014, I fell in love with the Watercolors of Gareth Naylor. I actually was stuned by his painting of an old Japanese Castle which reminded me so much of Samurai lore. As a long time student of martial arts and zen, I am fascinated by many aspects of Japanese Culture and Art. When I first saw Gareth's painting I felt I absolutely needed it !

This painting is now in the guest room of my home in Alabama.

I am also the lucky owner of this other colorful piece by Gareth Naylor. A Japanese night market under the rain.

Hanging by my bedside, I enjoy seeing it every morning when I wake up.

Frederic Lecut

Headland, Alabama, USA

Mayumi Shimizu Textile Designer

Rainy Reflections in the Road

We love your picture. It is so beautiful.
And our most favorite thing is your delicate brushwork.
We hang a picture on the wall of the entrance.

Philip Bevilacqua Professor


Hi Gareth-

I received the calendar yesterday. It looks great and is in great shape.


I don't know if you celebrate thanksgiving there, but Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Best Regards,