Watercolor Landscape Lessons for Beginners

If you are a beginner to watercolor and getting frustrated with this challenging medium then let me show you how to start creating beautiful and magical paintings.

about Me

Hello. I'm Gareth.

I am an English man living in Japan. I have been here over 20 years and for about 15 years I have been painting watercolors.

I've attended watercolor classes, read watercolor books and watched watercolor videos.

After that I went into my private wilderness years with watercolor where I would travel off into the Japanese countryside and look for scenes to paint.

This period lasted about 5 or 6 years and it was an amazing time. There was a lot of failure and frustration but there were also some glorious moments too.

Now I teach watercolor landscape lessons. On this site I hope to help watercolor beginners to start to master and enjoy this beautiful and fulfilling medium.

Paintings for sale

Over the years I've amassed a lot of paintings from my travels around Japan as well as from a few trips to England and Wales.

These paintings includes, sea scenes, countryside scenes, city scenes and much more. 

These paintings are available to buy. I also sell high-quality prints.


Check what some students and buyers of paintings have said.

I like the simplicity of using one color so I can concentrate more on technique.


One brush student

I am enjoying the lessons , they are opening a new Avenue of art to me actually gives me new insight to watercolor . 
I have 3 books on watercolor painting how to , and honestly , I've learned more about brush control with your lessons than any book I have had explained . 
On the by , high school classes on art don't explain it as well either , way back then . 
Thank you for the opportunity , Gene.


One brush student

 I've been enjoying your 1 brush introduction, which I'm almost through with now. I look forward to moving on to the 2 brush course soon!

I will be sure to share some of my work as I progress.


two brush student

post list

Here are tips, tricks and advice that will bring some magic into your own watercolor landscapes.