My latest painting project. 50 watercolor paintings of Spain.

I’ve been to Spain 3 times now.
And I’ve decided to do 50 watercolor paintings of Spain.
Ideally, I’d like to do 100 but I don’t have enough good photographs.
If you have some good photo of Spain that you took then please send the image to me and I will turn it into a painting. You can contact me at garvalnay@gmail.com
I am fussy though about the photos I will accept.
However, if I accept your photograph then I will give you a free quality image of the painting that you can then download and print out.
I will keep adding to this project on a regular basis.
So keep coming back!

Painting number 1 “Beautiful Spanish beach”

I saw this scene on the bus from (I forgot) to Almeria. The bus seats are very high up and so you get really fantastic views.

Painting number 2 “Playing soccer in the sand”

This is Mar de Cristal in Murcia where my mum has an apartment. I loved seeing these boys playing soccer in the sand. The way the sand rose into the area and gave a slightly misty effect was very interesting.

Painting number 3 “Rocks and Swimmers”

Painting number 4 “Barren Places”

Painting number 5 “Staccato Street Shadows”

Painting number 6 “Morning Sea Sparkle”

Painting number 7 “Plaza Mayor Archway”

Painting number 8 “Sunlit Street”

This is a street in Valencia. The old part of this city is very beautiful.

Painting number 9 “Beach stroll”

Painting number 10 “Quiet Spanish Street”

Painting number 11 “Spanish Roundabout”

Painting number 12 “Madrid on a Sunny Summer Day”