Gareth Naylor | Watercolor Landscape Artist

Easy lessons in watercolor painting

Who is Gareth Naylor?

I am an English man who has lived and painted in Japan for over 17

years. I love to travel around the Japanese countryside looking for

beautiful scenes to paint. And I sell my work, hold regular exhibitions

and have my work in a gallery. I'm here to share my love and

knowledge of painting watercolor landscapes with you.

Gareth Naylor Watercolor Landscape Artist and Teacher. Profile photo.

Some of my work

#1 Ride in a Rickshaw Through Fields of Gold

#2 Moonlit Snow Scene

Beautiful watercolor landscape painting of the islands of Sasebo, a place with over 200 islands in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.

#3 Islands in the Sun

#4 Discovery a Temple by Chance

#5 Sparkling Sands


#6 Mist and Fun