Gareth Naylor | Watercolor Landscape Artist

Easy lessons in watercolor painting

Who is Gareth Naylor?

I am an English man who has lived and painted in Japan for over 17

years. I love to travel around the Japanese countryside looking for

beautiful scenes to paint. And I sell my work, hold regular exhibitions

and have my work in a gallery. I'm here to share my love and

knowledge of painting watercolor landscapes with you.

Gareth Naylor Watercolor Landscape Artist and Teacher. Profile photo.

Some of my work

#1 Ride in a Rickshaw Through Fields of Gold

#2 Moonlit Snow Scene

Beautiful watercolor landscape painting of the islands of Sasebo, a place with over 200 islands in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.

#3 Islands in the Sun

#4 Discovery a Temple by Chance

#5 Sparkling Sands


#6 Mist and Fun

Do you have a watercolor challenge?

Watercolor is a challenging medium. Even after 17 years I still struggle with this medium. If you have something you are struggling with that is related to watercolor landscape painting or if there is something you would like to learn about watercolor landscape painting then let me know. I can't guarantee an answer but I'll have a go. Just write your problem in the box below. You will not be added to my email list so no worries. However, if you do want to be added to my email list and receive a simple watercolor lesson a month then just add that with your message.

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The Story of an Artist's Life

Sometimes in the early morning hours, when it's still dark, I wake up with a feeling of panic. I'm thinking about how long I have lived the life of an artist and with almost nothing to show for it. I wonder, is this calling a curse or a gift. There in the dark, I feel that I really don't know. And then the room becomes lighter. And as I see the sun rise I feel inspired and the joy of watercolor painting calls to me.

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