This is my latest project.

This road is near my house. And on some evening in 2022 I saw this beautiful and unusual scene of a warm evening sky and a cool green lit road.
“Green lit road”

My favorite painting of 2022

Above is my favorite painting of 2022. It is a view of a road near my house. I love this road because of the amazing panoramic view it offers. And this particular occasion I loved that warm evening sky contrasted by the cool green color of the car lights on the road.

This is the beautiful view of the sea and the sun rising from a hotel window. This place is Nichinan in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan. This picture was painted in 2021.
“Beautiful view from a hotel window”

My favorite painting of 2021

Above is my favorite painting of 2021. It is the view from a hotel in a small town called Nichinan in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan. I went to this place for my summer holidays. It was super hot but I saw some beautiful scenery.

You can buy this painting here.

My last painting adventure

I wanted to go and paint a place that I had seen from the highway. It looked so picturesque. However, it took me a long time circumnavigating small country roads to find this place. And when I finally found it, I was a little disappointed. So I carried on driving and looking for another scene to paint. But it was all looking like a waste of a trip and then things began to change. I hope you enjoy this watercolor adventure.