Materials Checklist

Here is a list of the materials you need and direct links to an online art store.

Brush: Hake

Details: (This is the same brush as used in the first course: One Brush) 5/8” about $13

Link to Dickblick art store:

Brush: Liner

Details: I couldn’t find my liner brush at Dickblick but this one looks good and is  about $6

Link to Dickblick art store:

Paint: Phthalo Blue Red Shade

Details: (Ultramarine is also okay) 15ml tube about $10

Link to Dickblick:

Paint: Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Details: 15ml tube about $14

Link to Dickblick:


Watercolor Wire-bound Pad 12 x 9” (30 x 22.5 cm), 20 sheets, 300 gsm about $14.

Link to Dickblick:

Palette (Cheap, plastic one)

Details: large, plastic palette about $3

Link to Dickblick:

Water container

Details: bigger is better. I use a kid’s plastic bucke

Rag / Cloth

Details: Sometimes I use old clothes, towels and bed sheets.


Detail: Don’t skimp on the tissue because it’s super useful for wiping out mistakes quickly, cleaning the edges of your paper and to wipe your hands when you get globs of paint on them or on your brush handles - it happens.

Table cover

Detail: I made a permanent mark in the kitchen table which even went green because I used no cover. Watercolor is easy to wipe up but if you keep your materials out all the time like I do or use the same work surface then it could be getting wet a lot and over time it might damage the surface.

Spray bottle

Detail: At first I wanted to say optional but fun. But really it is essential. For instance, if you are in a super dry climate or room then you will need to spray above your work to keep it workable. If the paint on your paper gets too dry then you can’t continue working on it because you will get those unwanted marks that we call cauliflowers.

PS If  there are any mistakes here (and there is a high probability that there are then please let me know).

Click on the link below to get a downloadable list that you can print off.