Mixing watercolors guide for beginners

Mixing Watercolors Guide

Learn the basics of watercolor mixing through some simple exercises in watercolor mixing beginning with just 1 color and working up to 3.

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3 ways to draw a fishing boat

In this video you will learn 3 ways to draw a fishing boat beginning with the easiest way and finally the hardest way. These 3 ways are: tracing, using a grid and free hand drawing. There will also be a bonus lesson on how to draw your image from a different angle.

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How to improve your watercolor paintings in 4 steps.

Learn how to improve your bad or not so good watercolor paintings in 4 simple steps and by using a 6 point evaluation guide.

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Outdoor Watercolor Painting, Everything you Need to Know

Learn what materials you need for outdoor watercolor painting, where to paint outdoors, when to paint outdoors, how to paint outdoors and more.

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Painting a Spanish street in watercolor

This painting of the picturesque town Valencia in Spain was done with just two brushes and two colors.

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