Painting a Japanese Fishing Boat

I’m painting Sasebo still but this time with the addition of a boat. In this painting of a sea scene I wanted to create a golden sunset and to make it as light and as dazzling as possible. I also wanted it to feel as though there is almost no border between the sky and the sea but that both elements just disappear into one another. And I wanted a sense of spaciousness, of vastness, so I simplified the painting to just one fishing boat and an island in the distance.

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Sasebo Revisited

Watercolor seascapes of Sasebo, a beautiful place with over 200 islands, in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. Sasebo has very unusual and beautiful islands.

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Watercolor Paintings of Rickshaws in Japan

Watercolor sketch of a rickshaw in Japan.

I have a watercolor painting of a rickshaw. It’s a good picture. But the sky isn’t quite right. So I’m attempting to re-paint it.

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Easy Watercolor Lesson on Painting a Snow Scene

Easy watercolor lesson on painting a snow scene for complete beginners.

A perfect lesson for beginners. You’ll need one brush and one color. No drawing is required. You’ll learn about the importance of hard and soft edges.

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Children Running through Mist

This is a quick watercolor sketch of children playing at a water jet feature outside Oita train station in Japan. I really love this water jet feature. And this is the second time I’ve painted it.

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