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How to improve your watercolor paintings in 4 steps.

Learn how to improve your bad or not so good watercolor paintings in 4 simple steps and by using a 6 point evaluation guide.

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Painting a Spanish street in watercolor

This painting of the picturesque town Valencia in Spain was done with just two brushes and two colors.

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Painting a River Scene in Watercolor

An exciting, challenging watercolor lesson for beginners and even amateur watercolor artists.

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Easy Watercolor Lesson on Painting a Snow Scene

Easy watercolor lesson on painting a snow scene for complete beginners.

A perfect lesson for beginners. You’ll need one brush and one color. No drawing is required. You’ll learn about the importance of hard and soft edges.

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Painting Buildings in Watercolor

In this lesson you'll learn how to paint buildings with just one brush - a hake - and one tube of paint. This a super simple watercolor lesson for beginners.

In this watercolor demo you’ll learn how to paint figures, cars and boats with just one brush – a hake. No drawing experience? No problem. I’ll show you how easy it is to draw figures, cars and boats.

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