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Painting a Spanish street in watercolor

This painting of the picturesque town Valencia in Spain was done with just two brushes and two colors.

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Watercolor painting of a city road at evening time

Watercolor painting of a city road at evening time. I love to paint surfaces and road surfaces can appear very rough but also beautiful.

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Watercolor painting of an evening street scene

In July of 2019 I was browsing the photos on my cellphone and one image caught my eye. I liked it so much I couldn’t resist attempting a painting of it.

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Watercolor Paintings of Rickshaws in Japan

Watercolor sketch of a rickshaw in Japan.

I have a watercolor painting of a rickshaw. It’s a good picture. But the sky isn’t quite right. So I’m attempting to re-paint it.

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Children Running through Mist

This is a quick watercolor sketch of children playing at a water jet feature outside Oita train station in Japan. I really love this water jet feature. And this is the second time I’ve painted it.

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