Watercolor painting of Japanese haystacks

Watercolor painting of Japanese haystacks

Today I was just going to sit in the studio and paint. But then my wife suggested that I go out and paint as it was such a beautiful day. My relaxing day suddenly became a hectic one. Now, I was planning a trip and wondering where would be the best place to go.

Watercolor painting of an artist painting on top of a mountain

Romantic peaks and foolish painters

What is the first thing an artist needs? I’d say passion. And that is something I have in abundance. And it’s a good thing. It means I’m doing the right thing. Passion though makes you do foolish things as you will read in this story.

Watercolor painting of Yufudake mountain

Don’t go painting outside in holey sandals

It’s time to say goodbye to my sandals. My holey, not holy, sandals that is. And I learnt you should never take a walk in nature with holey sandals. But this is what I did and I stepped on something full of tiny needles. One of God’s wonderful creations!

Watercolor painting from a walk in the mountains of Beppu

A painting from a walk in the mountains of Beppu

Last week, I spent a whole day at my exhibition. I don’t think it helped sales but I learnt about what paintings people liked. On the final day of the exhibition, after I had finished and had packed away my work, I decided that I needed some fresh air. So I drove up the mountain, found an interesting place and stopped.

Watercolor painting of the beautiful cliffs of Yabakei

Watercolor paintings of a beautiful cliff by a river

In April of 2014, I went on a family trip to Yabakei. This place is famous for beautiful cliffs. These cliffs are next to a river called Yamakuni. I spent some time finding a good view of the cliffs.Then, I took some photos. And later at home from my photos I did two paintings of these cliffs.

Watercolor painting of horses grazing on a mountain side in Aso

Watercolor Paintings of Aso landscape

Aso is a beautiful countryside area in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. It’s famous for its caldera. A caldera is a basin surrounded by a ring of mountains. I painted these two pictures of Aso around 2013 or 2014.

Watercolor painting of figures walking along a countryside path with a beautiful mellow evening sky.

Watercolor painting of figures walking beneath a very beautiful mellow, yellow evening sky

Here is a series of watercolor paintings of a beautiful countryside scene. This scene may be from a place I visited in 2013. Sadly, I no longer know the name of this place. But I think this place is somewhere between Oita city and Fukuoka city. However, the mellow evening mood of these paintings with the partially dissolved figures was from my imagination. I had a vision of just such a scene. You could call it a creative vision. And that vision inspired this series.