Painting the Cherry Blossom at Shidaka Lake

Cherry Blossom at Shidaka Lake

Cherry Blossom at Shidaka Lake

During this month I went to Shidaka lake - a beautiful place with a lake surrounded by mountains. My primary aim was to paint a cherry blossom tree.

I spent some time walking around looking for a good scene. I was surprised by how many people were there.

I did eventually find a tree to paint which led to the painting above - this was painted on the spot.

I took photos of other cherry blossom trees and I might at a later date paint one of them too.

On the way home, I was disappointed to see how many solar panels had been built on the mountain tops.

For me, they really spoil the beauty of the countryside.

Part of the road on the way home was under construction and when cars drove along it a lot of dust was created. I quite liked how it looked and took some photos - so I hope at some point to turn that into a painting.

And finally as I was coming home through Beppu city, I was driving along one of the small roads, of which Beppu has so many, and I saw a rather interesting scene of a small river. I got out and took a picture.

While I was there I saw some people in festive costumes. They soon organized themselves into a parade and I was able to get some interesting shots of them - who knows that could also be another painting at some future date.

At home I did some paintings of Shidaka lake. At first I was very disappointed with my tree shapes but then they started to get better. These are some of the better ones. I wanted to create a somewhat abstract and hazy image. I don’t think I’m there yet but I’ve stopped for now and moved on to other works.

Happy painting,


PS Comments are welcome. I can't always reply but I do read them. I'd love to know which painting is your favorite and why. And if you have any ideas for a title please let me know as I might make that the actual title - choosing a title is so difficult.

Below are some other paintings I did of Shidaka lake.

Shidaka Lake 1

Shidaka Lake 2

Shidaka Lake 3

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