Watercolor painting of a city road at evening time

Watercolor Painting of a

City Road at Evening Time

City Road at Evening Time


So it’s still July of 2019 and I’ve been browsing through the city photos on my cellphone and this is another one that caught my eye. This is a road near my house and I often take photos of this road because it has such a dramatic perspective. Above is the first decent version I did and I’m calling it version 1. What I love about this painting is the beauty of the evening sky as well as the exciting texture of the road surface.  I really love the lilac color of the road surface and how it almost looks like the sea.

Version 2

In this second version I wanted to capture the orange light of the sky in the windscreens of the cars. I also wanted to add a bit more texture to the surface of the road. And to have more of a cool blue in the buildings in the distance.

City Road at Evening Time

Version 3

I am really happy with this version. I can really feel something dramatic and deep in the sky and I love the texture of the road. No doubt at some point I will come back to this scene and paint it again. My only problem is a title. I have no idea what to call this painting. In some ways I want to say something about how the road looks like the sea and at the same time I want to express how the city can look so beautiful at evening time.

City Road at Evening Time

Time-lapse video of version 4

Please feel free to tell me which of these 4 paintings is your favorite and why.

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Giclee print

Buy a Giclee print of this painting on Canson Aquarelle Rag (watercolor paper), 8 x 10″ (20.3 x 25.4 cms), $60 (includes shipping). Full refund if damaged during delivery. Please include the title of the painting – in the caption at the bottom of the painting. 

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