Online lessons

Hi. Welcome to the online watercolor group.

Above is a sample lesson. I must admit this was a bit of a challenging painting.

Anyway, my name is Gareth and I’m the teacher of the group.

In this group we focus mostly on landscape painting.

If you are a complete beginner you might find these lessons a bit challenging. However, if you are really keen then you are very welcome to join.

I do have though a free course for complete beginners called the One Brush Method. You can learn more about that course here


There is one lesson a month.

The lessons will be on first week of the month.

Lesson details

Each lesson will last about 90 minutes. Sometimes we might go a little over time and sometimes we might finish a little under time.

In the lesson, I will take you step-by-step through the process of painting a picture. First I will show you what to do. And then it is your turn.


Feedback on your work is very important. So after the lesson you have the option of showing me your work in order to get some feedback.


You already know my name. Also, I am originally from England, but I have lived in Japan for about 20 years. And I have been painting watercolor landscapes for about 20 years. I also teach a real watercolor class in Japan.


The lesson begins on Tuesday at 11 am Japanese time. This will be Monday 8 pm New York time and I think about 6 am in the morning English time – sorry about that! If you find the time a problem then let me know. If enough of you want a particular day or time then I might be able to change it.


It costs $10 for one lesson.

So payments will all be done through paypal which does a lot to protect you just in case there are any problems. When you pay please include your email address so I can send you an invitation to zoom email. This is very important. 

If you are interested then please contact me using the form below. Also if you have any questions then please use the form below.


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Below is a link to another page with a list of all the materials you will need. I’ve tried to minimize this as much as possible but it is still quite a few materials. I’ve also included a PDF which is a checklist of all these materials and has links to the online art store Dickblick. I, myself, always use my local art store and if you have a good art store near you then the staff should be able to give you good advice on materials.


What happens if I miss a lesson?

The lesson will be done through zoom, and will be recorded, so if you miss the lesson then you will be able to get a recording.