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Atmospheric paintings of Japan

Watercolor painting of a hauntingly soft and beautiful seascape

Painting a hauntingly soft and beautiful seascape

Watercolor painting of a hauntingly soft and beautiful seascape
“Hauntingly soft and beautiful seascape”

Today it was very hot and humid. 

When I think of Japan this is how I normally imagine the weather to be but there are actually 4 seasons.

Anyway, it was evening time and the sun was shining in a silvery grey sky. It was quite strange but beautiful and I regretted not having a camera with me.

I was determined, though, to paint that sky. So I rushed home, took a quick swig of juice, sorted out my art gear, and then I was off to the sea by bicycle in order to paint that sky.

Yet when I came out of the house that particular magic moment had gone and I was just looking at a dullish sky now as the sun had sunk behind the clouds.

But I was rolling so I decided to keep going and besides, I reflected, these sunsets can change if you hang around long enough.

In fact, quite amazing things can happen with an evening sky if you are patient.

So I got to my painting spot and I did the painting above. Although the sky was not quite so spectacular now I added some of that earlier magic that I had seen and produced a painting that I was very happy with.

Ironically, after I finished it the sky suddenly started becoming redder and redder until it lit up like an enormous flame.

It was glorious. 

I took photo after photo intending to use them later in the studio.

I was so moved by this scene that I decided to do one more painting. 

This was perhaps a bad idea as I had one very unhappy wife when I returned home. Well, there is the matter of my 2 year old daughter to consider!

I finished this second painting in the dark with a soft white moon above me. It was magical.


This story was originally written in July of 2014. I am editing it in 2022. 

I can’t quite recall this event now and I’m not sure if the painting shown here is the one that I first painted.

However, the reference to a beautiful silvery sky is what the painting here shows and I’m fairly sure that I painted it in 2014.

Moreover, it is such an amazing painting that I couldn’t help adding it.

I’m amazed that nobody ever bought this painting. I think it’s one of my best pieces.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the second painting of that glorious red evening sunset.