Painting a snow scene with a warm evening sky

Watercolor painting of a countryside snow scene with a warm evening sky
“Evening walk through the snow”

Out of the blue my sister asked me to make some Christmas cards.

So I had a go at painting some snow scenes and one thing led to another and soon the studio was littered with snow scenes.

I’ve never actually painted a snow scene on location so I had none of my own work as a source of reference and instead I had to use a combination of images on the net and imagination.

One thing I noticed as I looked at images of snow scenes is that they are usually very cool images, the sky is often white or a very cool and pale blue.

I’m not so keen on that. I wanted something warmer so I added some orange to the sky of my snow scenes in order to warm them up.

The image above wasn’t the one I chose for my sister as I didn’t think it was cheery enough for a Christmas card; it’s a little too dark.

But that said I still like it and so here it is.

That’s all,



I originally wrote this story in December of 2014. I kept this painting which must mean I quite like it. Strangely, I can no longer remember the painting that I chose for the Christmas card.