Painting of a Japanese Torii

Another day in the studio. I don’t like it but I try to make the best of it.

Looking for inspiration I went through my recent paintings and I really liked the one of the Japanese Torii that I painted on location in Ogata.

So today I painted quite a few different versions of this scene.

I painted in a watercolor sketchbook over old pencil sketches. I like to do this because I feel that I am making use of the paper again – recycling if you will. 

Also, because it is not a pristine sheet of expensive watercolor paper I feel more carefree and this allows me to experiment and take risks with the painting.

As you can see, my pencil sketches show through the paint. 

The painting above is a variation on my original painting which was done around midday (this is the painting at the very top) whereas this one I turned into an evening scene. 

Although only an experiment I am quite happy with the result and I think the torii works very well as it appears very dramatic.

Here is another experiment with a misty scene of a Japanese torii.

So, goodbye for now, or as they say in Japanese “mata ne”,