Painting of the beautiful autumn foliage in a Japanese park

Watercolor painting of the beautiful autumn foliage in Nanase park
“An autumn walk”

I painted this picture roughly around 2010.

At this time I was struggling a lot at watercolor painting.

And I noticed that I didn’t paint the trees and bushes well in nearly all my paintings during this period.

But in this particular painting I painted the trees and bushes very well.

I especially like the touches of yellow in the painting.

They really stand out.

And they have lovely shapes and nice edges.

This place is Nanase park.

It’s a very large and beautiful park.

It is on the edge of the city and there are spectacular views of fields and distant mountains.

And I have been to this park many times, sometimes as a family trip and sometimes as a painting trip.

Normally, I do paintings of the river at this park. 

So this painting is a different subject matter from what I normally paint.

That’s all,