Watercolor Lesson on Painting Skies

A watercolor demonstration on painting skies for beginners. A lesson from the One Brush, One Color Method.

Painting Skies - a watercolor demonstration.

Painting skies for beginners

Have you ever wanted to paint a sky in watercolor? Here is a super simple lesson for beginners. You will need only one brush and one tube of paint. The picture above is what you'll learn to paint.

What you will learn about painting skies

Firstly, I will show you how to paint a wet-in-wet sky which gives a beautifully soft looking sky but is a difficult technique and takes some time to master.

Secondly, I will show you how to paint a similar sky but in a much easier way that gives you more control over the paint.

You'll also learn to paint fir trees, grass and rocks. With the rocks we'll practice using our finger nail and finger tip - it's a lot of fun.

Watercolor Materials Checklist for Painting Skies

Here is a downloadable checklist of the materials that you will need to do this painting. It is the minimum number of materials you need - in fact, you only need one brush and one paint to do the picture in the video. I've also included links for the essential materials to Dickblick, an online art store, so you can order the products straight away.

Layout of Watercolor Materials

Layout of Materials for One Brush Method watercolor course for beginners.

Layout of Materials for One Brush Method.

This is the layout of my own materials. My water container is actually a big child's bucket, and I recommend a big water container.

The tissue at the top is for mistakes on the paper which I can quickly wipe off whereas the tissue on the right hand side I use with my brush.

I would also strongly recommend having some scrap paper above your watercolor pad as it will be so useful. You should move the tissue more to the left to make space for the scrap paper. 

Let's begin painting skies - here is the video demo

Learn More about Painting Skies

You can learn more about painting skies as well as sea scenes, fir trees and more from my One Brush Method course. Click the button below for details.

Final Word on Painting Skies

Well I hope after this lesson you will want to paint more skies in watercolor. Although it can be frustrating I find painting skies one of the most enjoyable subjects.

Leave a comment below to share your own experience with painting skies.

Happy painting,


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