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Watercolor painting of a seascape at evening time

Sea scene with a dramatic evening sky – Watercolor demonstration – Advanced lesson

Watercolor painting of a seascape at evening time
“Beppu bay at evening time”


This is Beppu bay. It is in Oita prefecture, Japan. And this particular part of the bay is about a 5 minute bicycle ride from my house. In the summer of 2016, I often went to this bay to paint the sun setting over the sea. It is an inspiring place.


In the video lesson below, I will show you how to paint this scene in 5 simple stages.

Main materials

4 Brushes

Flat brush25 mm diameter (1″)
Mop or quill brush10 mm diameter (just over 3/8”)
Pointed oval10 mm diameter (3/5”)

5 Paints

Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)Ultramarine blue is also okay.
Cobalt Turquoise LightCerulean is also okay.
Permanent Alizarin CrimsonAny cool red is okay, even a warm red will do.
Yellow Ochre
Titanium whiteAny white will do.

Note: I recommend 15ml tubes. Also if you don’t have these colors and can’t wait, then just use the colors you’ve got.


Watercolor paper34 x 24 cms (13” x 10”)

Note: I recommend a spiral bound pad. Also, I normally use a 34 x 24 cms (13” x 10”) pad. But in this video I use a 41 x 32 cm (16” x 12”) pad.

Reference photo

Reference painting

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