Watercolor Seascape Paintings


Golden Horizon

Calm Sea

Beppu Bay

Details about the paintings, buying and delivery.

All these seascape paintings are 31 x 42 cm. All are available to buy for $370 (includes international shipping). If you are not happy with a painting you have one month to return it from the date of receiving the painting and you will receive a full refund. It takes about 2 weeks for international shipping. Paintings are sent unframed and securely packaged. Please use the paypal button below and add the title of the painting. These paintings are also available as high quality prints for $60. Please use the message box below and give me the title of the painting if you wish to order a print or have a question.

Please contact me using the form below for ordering prints or for queries.

Please use the box below to ask a question or order a painting. If you wish to order a painting please give the title of the painting.

A Short Story

Most of these scenes are of Beppu bay in Oita prefecture, Japan. I have cycled many times from my house to the sea to paint these pictures. It is the perfect place for seeing the sunset over the sea.