Simple watercolor painting of a bunch of yellow roses in a glass bowl

Why I don’t paint flowers

Nowadays, I don’t paint flowers. I have nothing against them. In fact I like them. A real lot. And I got quite good at painting flowers. But you can read here why I prefer to paint landscapes.

Watercolor painting of Oita river on a beautiful evening

Watercolor paintings of a Japanese river

I live very near a river. It is called Oita river. And I love to paint this river. I have done many paintings of this river over the years but most of these paintings were not very good and I binned them. Here though is a small collection of early paintings of this river which I didn’t throw away because they are quite good. I think that I did these paintings around 2013.

Watercolor painting of figures walking along a countryside path with a beautiful mellow evening sky.

Watercolor painting of figures walking beneath a very beautiful mellow, yellow evening sky

Here is a series of watercolor paintings of a beautiful countryside scene. This scene may be from a place I visited in 2013. Sadly, I no longer know the name of this place. But I think this place is somewhere between Oita city and Fukuoka city. However, the mellow evening mood of these paintings with the partially dissolved figures was from my imagination. I had a vision of just such a scene. You could call it a creative vision. And that vision inspired this series.

Pencil sketch of a very young child asleep

Pencil sketches of a very young child asleep

In 2012 I had one of the best experiences of my life. My daughter Anne was born. So during this year and the next few I had very little time to go outside and paint landscapes as I was very much house-bound looking after my baby. But I took advantage of this marvellous situation by doing a lot of sketches of my daughter. And here are a few of those sketches.

Dramatic watercolor painting of a seascape

Powerful watercolor paintings of the sea

During 2013, I would often get on my bicycle and cycle to the sea. It was just a 10 minute cycle ride. And at the sea, I had a spectacular view of Beppy bay. I would usually go at evening time and paint the sun setting over this bay. It was a wonderful experience. And when I was looking through my artwork I found 9 paintings of Beppu bay from that year.

Watercolor painting of a picturesque Japanese village

Picturesque Japanese village in Oita

For a long time, I didn’t used to like painting countryside scenes. And given the choice, I would prefer to paint an urban scene. Urban scenes are easier to paint and usually more interesting. One of the biggest challenges with a countryside scene is painting trees, bushes and grass.

Watercolor painting of two fishermen by a Japanese river

A painting of two fishermen by a beautiful Japanese river

I think that I painted this river scene around 2013. It could have been even earlier. This place is called Kitsuki. It’s a small Japanese town by the sea with an interesting history and a few interesting old buildings. And it has some nice scenes to paint such as this beautiful river.