bicycle trip

Dramatic watercolor painting of a seascape

Powerful watercolor paintings of the sea

During 2013, I would often get on my bicycle and cycle to the sea. It was just a 10 minute cycle ride. And at the sea, I had a spectacular view of Beppy bay. I would usually go at evening time and paint the sun setting over this bay. It was a wonderful experience. And when I was looking through my artwork I found 9 paintings of Beppu bay from that year.

Watercolor painting of a picturesque Japanese village

Picturesque Japanese village in Oita

For a long time, I didn’t used to like painting countryside scenes. And given the choice, I would prefer to paint an urban scene. Urban scenes are easier to paint and usually more interesting. One of the biggest challenges with a countryside scene is painting trees, bushes and grass.

Watercolor painting of a farmer pushing a wheelbarrow in rural Japan at evening time

Paintings of a picturesque Japanese village called Shonai

During my wilderness years of learning watercolor painting by getting on my bicycle with my art gear and cycling off into the blue yonder of the Japanese countryside I found a picturesque village called Shonai. And I think it was around 2011 that I painted these pictures of Shonai.

Watercolor painting of a Japanese river called Nanase

Paintings of rural Japan from cycling adventures

Roughly around 2011, I painted these pictures. They are paintings of an area called Wasada. It is a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Oita city. I could easily reach this place via the path by Oita river. And in the past, I often went on bicycle adventures to this area in search of beautiful scenes to paint.

Watercolor painting of Beppu bay at evening time

Watercolor paintings of the sun setting over Beppu bay

Here are a few of my earliest seascape paintings. My interest in seascapes began in 2011. At that time, I started cycling to the bay. This bay is just a ten minute bicycle ride from my house. It is called Beppu bay. I did many on the spot paintings of this bay. I felt inspired by the beauty of the bay view at evening time. However, most of my paintings were very bad. And nearly all those paintings I threw away. But these few paintings survived.

Unusual watercolor painting of a Japanese utility pole in the countryside

Painting of a utility pole in the Japanese countryside

This is an old painting. I painted it on the spot around 2010. And this place is in a region called Wasada. This region is on the outskirts of Oita city. I found this place by chance during one of my bicycle painting adventures. At that time, I would cycle all over the local countryside looking for beautiful places to paint.