Watercolor painting of a man strolling across a wet beach

Watercolor paintings of a wet beach with soft reflections

The hot and humid weather forced me indoors. But this was not a bad thing. Because in my studio, also known as the kitchen table, I did some watercolor sketches on scrap paper. I did sketches of a wet beach with soft reflections. In the process I struck a creative vein and ended up painting a series of pictures upon this subject.

Watercolor painting of the beautiful cliffs of Yabakei

Watercolor paintings of a beautiful cliff by a river

In April of 2014, I went on a family trip to Yabakei. This place is famous for beautiful cliffs. These cliffs are next to a river called Yamakuni. I spent some time finding a good view of the cliffs.Then, I took some photos. And later at home from my photos I did two paintings of these cliffs.