Watercolor painting of a hauntingly soft and beautiful seascape

Painting a hauntingly soft and beautiful seascape

On this day, there was a beautiful silvery sky. I was so moved by this scene, that I rushed home and got my art equipment. However, when I came out of the house the sky had become dull. Disappointed but not defeated, I decided to cycle to the sea with the hope that at some point the sky would brighten up again. And it did a little and I ended up painting one of my favorite sea paintings.

Watercolor painting of figures walking along a countryside path with a beautiful mellow evening sky.

Watercolor painting of figures walking beneath a very beautiful mellow, yellow evening sky

Here is a series of watercolor paintings of a beautiful countryside scene. This scene may be from a place I visited in 2013. Sadly, I no longer know the name of this place. But I think this place is somewhere between Oita city and Fukuoka city. However, the mellow evening mood of these paintings with the partially dissolved figures was from my imagination. I had a vision of just such a scene. You could call it a creative vision. And that vision inspired this series.