Unrealized sketches

This is an unrealized sketch that I just happened to come across today. I hope one day I will do a full painting from this sketch. I have no idea where this place is.

This was written on the 8th of February 2021.

Looking for one thing and finding another

So I am trying to finish off a blog post that I had written a while ago called “A Heavenly Moment” and had saved as a draft on my website.

That said, I was originally intending to go on a painting trip today in order to fulfil a commission I have that I have been postponing.

Why is this? I don’t know. 

But anyway I didn’t go because some work came up and it was taking a lot of time and I missed my window of opportunity.

I was partly relieved though. I didn’t really want to go. It felt stressful. I guess I’m just a person who doesn’t like pressure.

So anyway, I decided to continue with the blog post called “A Heavenly Moment”.

After I had edited all the writing for this post and added some, which took a while, I needed to get the images. I have now changed all my image sizes on my blogs so I needed to find the original paintings.

But when I looked I couldn’t find them despite having organized my work quite thoroughly.

So I looked in my scrapbooks.

In the process, I came across a beautiful image.

It was a watercolor sketch that I’d done over the top of a failed painting.

And I’d kept it because it was so beautiful and no doubt I one day intended to turn it into a proper painting.

This is the image at the top of this article.

However, it had just stayed in the scrapbook, an unrealized sketch.

It kind of made me sad.

And today seemed like that kind of day of things being unrealized, of promising things that would never come to fruition.

There are so many things that I want to get done. The commission, the blog post that has been a draft for half a year, my artist’s journal, organizing all my paintings, publishing over a hundred blog posts that are hidden in my google drive. The list is endless and includes these unrealized sketches in my scrapbooks.

And on top of that creative ideas come pinging into my head; like comets that briefly flicker across the sky and as I see them the question comes into my head of whether to try to grab them or let them go because of other things I need to do even though in doing so it means that I might lose that creative idea forever.

And today it is so beautiful and sunny and I’m wondering about going somewhere and painting, even taking my drone to get some really interesting shots for a new painting.

But yesterday I went to a tourist town and got a photo of a beautiful evening scene and I know that I need to paint that and write about that day.

So I thought in this blog post I would start to add all those unrealized sketches that I’ve kept because there is something so promising about them and that one day I hope to turn into proper paintings.

I’ll call this blog unrealized sketches but I hope one day that they become realized.

A thought just came into my head, perhaps it is nonsense. But it said to me that there is perhaps something beautiful in these sketches remaining as unrealized sketches.

It is a comforting thought.

Who knows, this might become a gallery.


Gareth Naylor

I am an Englishman living and painting in Japan. I have now been here for over 17 years and have been painting for all that time. I love to travel around the Japanese countryside and find beautiful places to paint.

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