Very Easy Watercolor Landscapes

Very Easy Watercolor Landscapes

Improve your paintings with this course, which I call the “2 Brush Method”, in which we use only 2 brushes and 2 colors and focus on the essentials which are: brushwork, tone, mixing and light and shade.

If you are a complete beginner then you might want to do the Super Easy Watercolor Landscapes Course first where we use just one brush and 1 color. And if this is too easy for you then you might want to do the Easy Watercolor Landscapes Course where we use 3 brushes and 3 colors.


 Free Video Lesson

 Materials checklist




 Video Lesson on Mixing Two Colors

Take it to the next level

Free Video lesson

Below is a very easy landscape lesson on painting a river.

Materials checklist

Below is a PDF of the materials checklist which you can download and print out. 

It includes technical details, notes and links to dickblick art store.


So why are we only using two brushes?

Because when we normally try to paint a picture and we use lots of different brushes and lots of different colors and then try to paint a scene we’ve never painted before and it’s difficult – and guess what – you don’t get such a great result.

By cutting everything down to just two brushes and 2 colors we can focus on just a few things and as a result learn to truly develop our skills as well as get good results – that you can soon see.

And you’ll be learning the fundamentals that will make you a really good painter.

Improve your brushstrokes

Let me ask you. When you are trying to copy that picture by another artist how much are you thinking about your brushstrokes? I would guess that you are thinking about how well you can copy somebody else’s picture!

Wouldn’t it be better if you were learning how to use that brush in your hand far more effectively? Learning how to do quick strokes and slow ones and create more expressive works of art.

And let me ask you. Are you really using the full potential of your  brushes? Are you often producing lots of different kinds of marks with one brush which will give you greater expressive powers in your paintings? Probably not.

I could also talk about the same things with mixing up paint and doing washes – but let’s leave that for another day.

The point is, if you learn how to use your brush well you’ll not be learning simply to copy another painting (and probably rather badly) but the essential skills of what will lead to a brilliant painting and hopefully one that came from you.

So the one brush course starts you off. And now in the 2 brush and 2 colors course we’ll develop our skills even more.

A thorough course

When you’ve done the 2 Brush Method they’ll be the 3 Brush Method in which we’ll use 3 brushes and 3 colors and then we’ll really be producing little masterpieces that you’ll be proud to put on your wall.

This is a very thorough course. As well as learning good brushwork, making the right mix and tone, you’ll paint 10 different kinds of scenes, such as countryside scenes, snow scenes, building scenes, sea scenes and more.

Doing this course will lead you to mastering the fundamentals so that you can move on to finding our own artistic voice.

At the moment this course is only $40 because I want to make sure this course really works well for beginner students. 

Paint at your own pace 

You decide the pace. You can take it slowly or you can do it all super quick and move onto the “3 Brush Method”.

Receive feedback – you’re not alone 

After you have had a go at a lesson I encourage you to show me your work and get my feedback . I will point out to you what is working well and what you need to improve. 


The course is hosted on the platform teachable and they give you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the course – just let them know within 30 days of starting the course.


2 Brushes, 2 Colors, 1 Lovely Painting

Section 1   Preparation

Materials Checklist

Layout of Materials

Section 2   Brushwork and color mixing basics

Making marks with your rigger – using the point, the side and scumming

Mixing 2 Colors – 2 kinds of mixing – on the paper – in the palette

Combining brush strokes

Section 3  Trees

Let’s Paint a Tree

Section 4   Fir Trees

Let’s Paint a Simple Fir Tree

Section 5   Skies

Let’s Paint a Simple Sky

Section 6   Rivers

Let’s Paint a Simple River Scene

Section 7   Sea Scene

Let’s Paint a Simple Sea Scene with Islands and Rocks

Section 8   Snow Scene

Let’s Paint a Snow Scene with a Fir Tree

Section 9   Drawing with our Brushes

Let’s Draw Figures, Cars and Boats with our Hake Brush

Section 10   City Scene

Let’s Paint a City Scene with Cars and Figures

Section 11   Water Reflections

Let’s Paint Reflections in a Lake

Section 12   Take it further?  3 Brushes and 3 Colors Course

Video Lesson on Mixing Two Colors

One of the things you will learn on this course is how to mix your paints and in particular how many color variations you can make from just two colors. Here is a simple and fun lesson to help you with that.

Take it to the next level

And when you’ve finished this course there is the “3 Brush Method” where we will use 3 brushes and 3 colors. Here is a free sample from the full course.