Watercolor Challenges

Watercolor Challenges

Here are some watercolor lessons that will really challenge you.

A River at Dusk

A Countryside Path

Picturesque Countryside Path in Japan

Fir Trees at Evening Time

Semi-abstract watercolor painting of beautiful fir trees at evening time in Kuju. Kuju is a national park in Oita prefecture, Japan. In 2016 I went to Kuju and saw this scene of beautiful fir trees.

​​​​And if you haven’t done the one brush method course for complete beginners then click here to learn more and do your first free lesson.

One Brush, One Color and One Lovely Painting Course

I like the simplicity of using one color so I can concentrate more on technique.


One Brush, One Color and One Lovely Painting Course

I am enjoying the lessons , they are opening a new Avenue of art to me actually gives me new insight to watercolor . I have 3 books on watercolor painting how to , and honestly , I’ve learned more about brush control with your lessons than any book I have had explained . On the by , high school classes on art don’t explain it as well either , way back then . Thank you for the opportunity , Gene.