Art Journal 2017

Paintings and Stories of a Watercolor Landscape Artist Living in Japan

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Beautiful Sunrise over Oita River

Oita River Sunrise

Saw a beautiful sunrise over Oita river. The colors were so incredible.


Japanese Crossing

City Crossing

I really love to paint crossings. The mix of patchy lines, textures and light is mesmerizing for me. I am also interested in light catching edges of buildings and giving them an incandescent appearance.


Painting of Beppu Bay

A View of Beppu Bay

I was delighted to find this scene. It was actually right next to a busy road. But it is still a beautiful scene. I love it that they left that tree. But I doubt that it was on purpose.


Simple Watercolor Painting of a Snow Scene.

Simple Snow Scene

Simple Snow Scene

I painted this snow scene with one brush and just 3 paints. And the truth is it's a lot better than many of my other paintings done with numerous brushes and about 8 colors. The lesson. Keep it simple. And this especially applies to watercolor where suggestion and minimalism makes for the best works.

Rickshaw in Yufuin

A Rickshaw in Yufuin

I find the rickshaws in Yufuin very interesting and very challenging to paint!


Bird's Eye View of a Rural Japanese Road

Rural Japanese Road

On a family trip near Ota in Oita prefecture we walked around a reservoir and I saw this wonderful view from the top of the reservoir embankment. And this painting sold very quickly which is nice!


Gareth Naylor Watercolor Landscape Artist and Teacher

Traditional Japanese Street

Traditional Japanese Street

This is a beautiful traditional Japanese street in a town called Taketa. This is a very interesting town with the remains of a huge castle - only the walls are left but they are very high. And there is a cave where Christians use to hold secret prayers because of fear of persecution. A very interesting place and with some beautiful parts.



Wisps of Laughter   

Water Jet Feature

I find this water jet feature wonderful. It is almost surreal to watch the children running through the mist and hear their laughter.



Painting of Ubuyama


Ubuyama is a beautiful countryside area. On the day we went there was a beautiful sunset. And I was surprised to see cows roaming the fields which is a very rare site in Japan.


花火 - 大分川で七夕祭りの花火大会に水彩画を描きました。

Japanese Firework Display

Fireworks by Oita River

Every year our city has a firework display by the river as part of a 3 day festival event. In recent years I've been unable to go because of trips back to England. But luckily this year it was delayed due to bad weather and I could see it. I guess I've always know that a firework display could make for a good painting but this was the time when I got the courage to actually try and paint a firework display.


Painting of Tanoura Beach

Tanoura Beach at Evening Time

This is an artificial beach between Oita city and Beppu City. 


Watercolor painting of a cafe.

Lovely Cafe

Lovely cafe in Kuju called Mizushi no Mori where I did an exhibition.


Elevated Train Line

Elevated Railway Line

Dramatic view of an elevated railway line next to my daughter's nursery school.

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