One Brush, One Color & One Lovely Painting

Watercolor landscape lessons for beginners.

Have you always wanted to start watercolor painting but something held you back. A feeling you lack creativity, you can't draw ... The truth is anybody can paint watercolors. All you need is practice and some guidance. I'll give you the guidance and show you that with just one brush and one tube of paint you can make great paintings like the one above. Join up today and begin your watercolor adventure.


One Brush, One Color and One Lovely Painting Course

I am enjoying the lessons , they are opening a new Avenue of art to me actually gives me new insight to watercolor .
I have 3 books on watercolor painting how to , and honestly , I've learned more about brush control with your lessons than any book I have had explained .
On the by , high school classes on art don't explain it as well either , way back then .
Thank you for the opportunity , Gene.


One Brush, One Color and One Lovely Painting Course

I like the simplicity of using one color so I can concentrate more on technique.


Watercolor Challenges

If you feel brave and want a watercolor challenge then I made this video lesson for you. Presently it only costs $20. And if you are not happy with it then you get your money back. This lesson will focus on developing your skill in working wet-in-wet. Below is a promo video showing you what we will paint. You'll need 5 brushes and six paints.