Watercolor painting can be fun. But at first it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of little things you have to learn and it takes time. So in the One Brush Method everything is simplified in that you will paint with just one brush and one color. Thus you can focus and master the little things, such as getting good with one brush before using another one, or learning how to paint with just one color and what you can achieve in terms of thickness, edge or tone before having the extra complication of learning mixing.

And although we are only using one brush and one color we are going to do over 10 different paintings. You will learn to paint a variety of landscape scenes, such as sea scenes, river scenes, snow scenes and so. And you’ll learn to paint figures, cars and boats. This is a very thorough course for the complete beginner. And this course is completely free.

One Brush Method

Two Brush Method

Three Brush Method

Four Brush Method