Watercolor painting of a traditional Japanese building in Kitakyushu

Watercolor painting of a traditional Japanese building in Kitakyushu city center
“Mellow evening by the castle moat”

Some of my old paintings are a mystery to me. 

Often I have no idea what year I painted them. 

Sometimes I can’t work out the place. 

And sometimes I know the place but I can’t remember the actual occasion when I was there and which led to the painting.

This painting is a different kind of mystery. 

I know it was painted in 2013, give or take a year. 

And I know this place is Kitakyushu city center.

I remember going there with my family and the experience of being there. 

I remember all this because my oldest daughter was studying at the university there. 

But I have no idea what exactly that beautiful, traditional building is. 

I did a google search for traditional buildings in Kitakyushu city.

And I found that Kokura castle is in Kitakyushu city.

However, when I looked at the google images of the castle I saw nothing that looked like the building in my painting.

I will have to go again some day and check!

Anyway, I am very happy with this painting. 

I think it has a very pleasant mellow mood that you sometimes experience on a nice evening.

And the subtle variety of colors in the distant buildings is very pleasing.

I especially like the purple color. 

What I like most though is that thin railing and the shadows it casts.

That’s all for now,