Watercolor Paintings of Beppu Bay

This is a collection of paintings of Beppu bay or paintings that were inspired by Beppu bay. This collection spans 10 years, beginning in 2011 with my very first paintings of Beppu bay and continuing until the present date.

Most of my paintings are done from the Oita city side of Beppu bay where I live. This side of the bay gives a spectacular view of  the sun setting over the sea. 

A few of the paintings were done from other parts of the Bay, such as Tanoura beach and Beppu city.

What is shown here is a selection and not my whole collection. This is for several reasons. Firstly, some paintings are not really good enough to show but I keep them for nostalgic value or because they are interesting. Secondly, to make the format here look nice. So in 2016 I have just one painting and to show that painting would spoil the 3 column format here. Also, some paintings are part of a series so I will say series and if you click on them then you can see the other paintings from that series – at some point.

In some years I painted Beppu bay quite a few times and in other years I didn’t. So, in 2017 I did a lot of paintings of Beppu bay but in 2012 I did none. I think this is because my daughter was born in that year and I was preoccupied. But I was still painting. I did quite a few paintings of figures during that year.

I’m not very happy about my paintings from 2011 but I thought it would be interesting to show them as you can see the progress in my work. So they are my first few paintings where I am trying to grapple with painting sea scenes and obviously struggle. But they were painted on the spot, sometimes in very inclement humid and hot weather and with bugs going up my leg. And yet it was fun and inspiring to be on the spot.

Some of the paintings here are for sale. The price is for just the painting, so it will be unframed, but it also includes international shipping so there will be no further charges of any kind. It should take about 2 weeks for the painting to arrive.


A beautiful rocky outcrop (series)

Misty, silvery sea scene

A tree with a view (series)


Evening view of Beppu Bay from Tanoura beach

View of Beppy bay from a rocky outcrop

Dramatic evening sky over Beppu Bay


View of Beppu city from the sea

Beautiful evening sky over Beppu Bay

Brilliant ray of light on the sea


Calm, evening crossing

A rocky shore with a Japanese lantern

Dramatic sweeping clouds over Beppu bay


Golden-lit sea scene

Warm evening sky over Beppu bay

Fishing boat in Beppu bay at evening time with mountains in mist


Misty coastline (series)

The edge of the sea

Rays of light over the sea (mini-series)


A cloudy evening over Beppu Bay

Beautiful late evening sky over Beppu Bay

Man viewing the rocky coastline of Beppu Bay


Mountains in mist at Beppu bay
Fisherman at Beppu bay

Warm evening sky over Beppu bay


Moonlight over Beppu bay

Rose-colored evening sky over Beppu bay

Magical, moody evening


Beppu bay at late evening

Rays of light shining down over Beppu bay or A heavenly moment

Beautiful evening sky over Beppu bay


Beautiful rose-colored evening sky over Beppu bay

Ships at anchor in Beppu bay

Dramatic sky over Beppu bay


Mist covered mountains in Beppu Bay

Beautiful evening sky over Beppu bay

Man in a small fishing boat in Beppu bay