Watercolor paintings of Sasebo


Strange green moon lit sky over the islands of Sasebo

Strange purplish moon lit sky over the islands of Sasebo

Strange blue orange late evening sky over the blue tinted islands of Sasebo


A fishing boat travelling over a golden lit sea (The golden sea series)

A fishing boat travelling over a golden lit sea. (The golden sea series).

A fishing boat travelling over a golden lit sea (The golden sea series)


A beautiful island in a sparkling sea (series)

A beautiful island at evening time (series)

Fishing boat travelling beneath a beautiful golden lit evening sky (series)


The islands of Sasebo at evening time

Red evening sky in Sasebo

Beautiful lines of rocks and islands in the sea at Sasebo


The beautiful islands of Sasebo

An enchanting evening moment at sea

Yellow moon over the islands of Sasebo


Golden evening light in Sasebo

Rays of light upon the surface of the sea

Island reflections and mist

Exotic Japanese island at evening time

An enchanting evening moment at sea

Sparkling blue sea


A beautiful island aglow with a ray of sunlight

Beautiful mosaic-like spirals and sparkles of the sea in Sasebo

Isles of evening rest

Magical Moonlit Island

Moonlight and mist over the sea

Islands fading away into a hazy distance


In 2014 I visited Sasebo, in Nagasaki prefecture, with my family. My wife chose this place and so I have to thank her for that. I knew nothing about it until before that day.

We stayed just one day in Sasebo. We took a boat trip around some of the islands. Although the sky was a little overcast, now and again, the sun would shine through the clouds and the sea would sparkle. It was breath-taking. Later, at evening time, we went to a view point on a mountain top and watched the sun set over the islands. It was a beautiful and moving experience.

Although I only stayed at this place for one day I think I’ve painted over 100 paintings of this place. It has become a source of inspiration for me. And it feels to me like quintessential Japan. It was the realization of my first romantic impression of Japan and which first lured me to this country so many years ago.

This collection includes my very first paintings of Sasebo which I did in 2014. I really struggled to capture the beauty of this place and I must have done many paintings before I achieved a satisfying result. But I was very happy with that result.

Since then I have revisited this place in my art many times although I have never returned to the actual place. I hope to do so in the near future – but I just keep saying that to myself.

In this collection are paintings of Sasebo as I saw it on my day there, but also experiments and paintings inspired by Sasebo such as my Golden Light series. 

It has been a tremendous challenge to title these paintings. Often I have resorted to being descriptive and as a result some of the titles are quite long. And I notice that I often use the words beautiful and magical. I fear a little that my titles are overly romantic, mushy you could say, and perhaps at some point I will retitle them as already I can hear mocking laughter but for now I’ll keep the titles as they are because they are attempts to convey the wonderful feelings I have about paint this place – in some ways, you could say I have almost romantic feelings for this place and the truth is when we are in a romantic state we do appear quite foolish.