Watercolor Paintings of Traditional Japan


Usuki, Nioza Street

Oita Castle during Cherry Blossom Season

Yufuin Temple


Shonai, Japanese Haystacks

Oita Castle

Yusuhara Temple Path

Yufuin, Thatched Roof Traditional Japanese Building

Yufuin Temple


I have lived in Japan for about 17 or 18 years. I’m losing count. When I first arrived I had the romantic notion that I would be living in a traditional Japanese house in the middle of a rice field. In reality, a place I’m forced to visit everyday, I lived in a 3 storey concrete apartment. It was actually quite a nice apartment apart from the two  cockroaches on the wall waiting to greet me on my arrival – my first encounter with these lovely bugs.

Despite quite a few disenchanting years in Japan, I did slowly start to find some traditional places. And here are a few paintings I’ve done of traditional Japan. I wish there was more to show.