Watercolor Paintings of Wales

Church in Anglesey.

Trearddur Bay in the morning.

Coastline near Trearddur bay at evening time.

Church in Anglesey.

Trearddur Bay on a sunny day.

Hiker walking to the sea near Trearddur bay.


These paintings are from a trip to England in 2017. During the trip we went to Anglesey in Wales. It was my first time to visit Anglesey. We stayed at a hotel next to Trearddur bay. I really enjoyed painting this beautiful beach.

The weather, though, was very changeable and on one day in the middle of summer it was really cold. My wife, who is Japanese, couldn’t believe how cold it was and spent most of the day in bed. The rather unpleasant weather though was also dramatic and it inspired the second painting above with the dramatic sky over Trearddur bay.

I really enjoyed going on coastal walks early in the morning with my mum – we had a wonderful time. I would have liked to have stayed longer and walked some more along those coastal paths. I painted one of the coastal paths we walked along. And the coastal scene is from one of these coatal path walks.

Where we stayed is also near Holyhead. On one windy evening we went there and it was so beautiful. I wanted to look down on the dramatic cliffs but it was very windy and I and my sister decided not to risk it. Holyhead is where my mum arrived when she first came to England from Ireland when she was about six years old. It was strange to be at a place where my mum had come when she was six. It was similar to another experience of going to a pub-cum-restaurant in the Peak District with my daughter and to learn that my grandfather had once come to this pub when he was a young man – and he had come on his bicycle. At one point in his life he had done a lot of cycling. He never saw his grand-daughter but if only he as a young man entering that pub would know that one day his beautiful grand-daughter would also enter the same place. It’s perhaps a trivial thing to most people but I think about things like that. 

We also went to a restaurant on two occasions. My mum had recommended it. The first time I ordered pan-fried fish – it was delicious. The second time we went I ordered the same dish and it wasn’t very good. We later learnt that there was a different chef that night. It was at this restaurant I saw the beautiful church on the hill. I really enjoyed painting this building – I knew it would make for a good painting.

Time-lapse video

Below is a video of me painting a beach at Trearddur bay.