Watercolor sketch of rocks on a mountain

Watercolor sketch of rocks on Kuju mountain
Watercolor sketch of rocks on Mt Kuju

I painted this picture a long time ago. I think around 2005 but that is just a rough guess.

I had climbed up a mountain called Kuju in Oita prefecture and it had inspired me to do a painting of a mountain scene. 

I think it was my first attempt to paint a mountain. Or at least my first attempt to paint a mountain that I had actually climbed up and taken some photos of.

It was quite an intimidating subject for me to paint. So I did a watercolor sketch to begin with before I began on the actual painting. 

In particular, through the watercolor sketch, I wanted to develop my ability at painting rocks.

Ironically, this rough watercolor sketch turned out better than the final painting. And I have since thrown away that final painting but kept this initial watercolor sketch.

I wish it didn’t have that patch of green in the upper part but it is just a sketch and so I left it all as it really is and didn’t try to change it in any way.

For a long time I was so pleased with this sketch and that’s why I have kept it. I can’t say that I like this sketch so much anymore but I keep it now as a record and perhaps also for nostalgic value.