Art Journal 2018

Paintings and Stories of a Watercolor Landscape Artist Living in Japan

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Watercolor painting of a city scene entitled "Stark Light". This painting is number one in a series of 100 watercolor paintings of city scenes. 99 more to go.

Stark Urban Light

Stark Urban Light

I saw this beautiful but harsh clash of brilliant sunlight creating a gritty, sparkling patch of light on the road surface and emphasizing the grayness and darkness of the city surfaces.


100の都市の風景の絵のプロジェクト。これは9番のスケッチです。タイトルは "Morning Cyclist".

Early Morning Cyclist

Early Morning Cyclist

I live in the city and I am often looking for interesting streets. This is one of those interesting streets. I like the dynamic feeling of this road which is created by the curve of the road and the barriers. I also like the elevated railway in the distance and all the poles and lines which create an interesting skyline. I must admit I did add a few more palm trees for aesthetic reasons.


The Beautiful Rocks at Oumi-jima. In March I went to Oumi-jima in Yamaguchi prefecture with my family. Oumi-jima has a beautiful coastline with rocks going into the sea. Although it was March it felt like a summer's day.

The Beautiful Rocks at Oumi-jima

Beautiful Rocks

Went on a family trip to Shimanoseki. On the second day of the trip we went to Oumi-jima where there is a beautiful coastline with many interesting rocks protruding out of the sea. There is a coastal path that we walked along and from the path I could see the view above. I could have walked along that path the whole day but sadly my family didn't feel the same wanderlust. This painting has an oddity. I didn't see it until somebody pointed out that one of the protruding rocks looks like a hand with the finger and thumb pointing up - can you see that too?


A watercolor painting of a beautiful Japanese river at dusk in Kitsuki, Oita prefecture. I came upon this river by chance during a family trip. It was such an enchanting scene that I just had to stop and take some photos - which then led to this painting.

A Moment Away from the World

River at Dusk

Went to a gift shop in Kitsuki where the owner sell crafts created by foreigners. She was interested in showing some of my paintings. We had a lovely time there - especially my daughter who is 6. On the way back I saw this beautiful scene of a river at dusk. I took a photo and later in the studio painted this picture.


Semi-abstract watercolor painting of beautiful fir trees at evening time in Kuju. Kuju is a national park in Oita prefecture, Japan. In 2016 I went to Kuju and saw this scene of beautiful fir trees.