Art Journal

Paintings and Journals of a watercolor artist.

Watercolor painting of Kuju, a beautiful national park in Oita prefecture, Japan. I saw this scene in December 2018. It was a rainy day and suddenly the sun came out.


I must have painted the picture above over 30 or 40 times until it worked. I wasn't sure it would work.

100の都市の風景の絵のプロジェクト。これは9番の絵です。タイトルは "Morning Cyclist".


I intended to do 100 paintings of urban scenes but I only did about 30.

Watercolor painting of a rickshaw on a beautiful sunny day. This is a scene from Yufuin in Oita Prefecture, Japan in autumn.


I focused a lot on rickshaws during this year. They are so difficult to paint.

Watercolor painting of a beach. Treaddur Bay, Wales.


First trip back home to England after years in Japan. And first real holiday. Went to Wales.


I did a series on this beautiful Japanese river in Kumamoto.


Painted Nyudogumo - maybe it's called a thunderhead. This was probably my best painting of the year.


I got stuck all night on a mountain. 


Dazzling light on a forest path.


Beautiful green rice fields near Inukai - from a long cycling trip.