Watercolor painting of a beautiful sunset over Mt Yufudake

Outdoor painting nightmare on a mountain

In September of 2014 I climbed up Mt Yufudake. I wanted to paint a picture from the top of the mountain. And I took all my painting equipment, even my easel. However, I stayed on the mountain top too long, watching a beautiful sunset. As I descended the mountain my pleasant painting trip turned into a nightmare.

Watercolor painting of an artist painting on top of a mountain

Romantic peaks and foolish painters

What is the first thing an artist needs? I’d say passion. And that is something I have in abundance. And it’s a good thing. It means I’m doing the right thing. Passion though makes you do foolish things as you will read in this story.

Watercolor painting of Yufudake mountain

Don’t go painting outside in holey sandals

It’s time to say goodbye to my sandals. My holey, not holy, sandals that is. And I learnt you should never take a walk in nature with holey sandals. But this is what I did and I stepped on something full of tiny needles. One of God’s wonderful creations!