An old watercolor painting of mountains in Aso

An old watercolor painting of the mountains in Aso

This area is called Aso.

It is in Kumamoto prefecture.

The view in the painting is from the top of a mountain. 

The top of the mountain is a strange place because it has lots of little hills.

And sometimes, there are even farmers’ fields.

These fields look a little like the rolling fields in England.

Aso is famous for its caldera which is a ring of mountains.

And the mountains in the painting are part of this enormous ring.

What I love about this place and which you can see in the painting are the many lines of mountain ridges one after the other receding into the distance.

I’ve had this painting for a long time. 

I think I painted it around 2005 but I can no longer remember the actual year or even the trip. 

I have since been to this place quite a few times and every time I go there I feel refreshed by the spectacular view.