Watercolor painting of a moonlit sea scene

Watercolor painting of a moonlit sea scene
“Enchanting moonlit sea scene”

I’m writing this in 2022.

And I’ve been painting for about 16 or so years now.

To be honest, I’ve not been financially successful as an artist. 

So far, I think that I’ve sold about 40 paintings.

It may be more.

I wish that I’d kept a record.

But I didn’t.

And I cannot remember some of the paintings that I have sold.

I know this because of one very surprising and somewhat disconcerting experience.

I was visiting a Japanese family for a tea ceremony event.

And during the event, the man in the family took me to a room.

And this room was full of paintings.

And one of the paintings was by me.

It was one of my earliest paintings that I had sold.

And I was surprised because I had completely forgotten this image.

I felt as though I was looking at a painting done by another person.

I also wish that I’d kept not just a written record but a visual record of these sold paintings.

This is because I sometimes can’t remember what a painting actually looks like from a written record.

It would have been so useful from a business viewpoint too as I could possibly see what kind of paintings people buy.

Also some of the paintings I’ve sold were very beautiful.

And I was very proud of them.

So it would be nice to be able to see them now and again even as just an image.

Luckily, with the painting above, I had a visual record.

I remember the person who bought this painting.

And I remember how much I liked this painting.

I think this picture came straight from my imagination.

At that time, I felt a strong creative urge to paint a moonlit sea scene.

I’ve learnt that it’s wise to listen to such creative urges.

And this painting was the result.

I think my numerous trips to Beppu bay had taught me how to paint a sea scene.

And this is why I was able to paint such a scene straight from my imagination.

That’s all for now,