Watercolor painting of two people walking beneath a vast sky

Watercolor painting of two people walking beneath a vast sky
“A walk in the vastness”

This painting is an enigma.

Firstly, I’m not sure when I painted it.

I’m guessing it was around 2011.

Secondly, I can’t remember doing this painting.

And thirdly, I have no idea where this place is.

Yet this painting intrigues me as it is unlike my other artwork.

For in this painting, I have given nearly all the space of the paper to the sky.

I have left just a tiny space for the ground.

As a result, there is a vast feeling of the sky in this painting.

I love that feeling.

I know this painting has flaws. 

The trees are not bad but they could be improved.

And although I like the figures, I think the ground area needs to be more interesting.

But for me it is a huge success because of that wonderful feeling of spaciousness.

This is possibly one of those paintings that has something special about it and will lead to a series of paintings.

For as I look at this painting I feel inspired to paint more pictures of vast skies.

I realize that the important thing and also the challenging thing is to make the ground as small as possible.

Making the ground as small as possible will emphasize the vastness of the sky.

Thinking about this gets my creative juices flowing.

And I think that in a future version of this painting I’ll try different kinds of ground, such as coastlines, the tops of houses or a church, maybe even the top of a mountain.

There are many possibilities.

It will be so fun if I do that. 

At the moment I am too busy.

And I will be busy for quite a while.

So it might never happen.

I’ll end though not with a full stop but with an ellipsis …