A simple line and wash watercolor of a woman reclining in a chair

Simple watercolor line and wash sketch of a woman reclining in a chair.
“Woman reclining in a chair”

I’m really happy with the minimalism of this painting. 

And when I look at this painting it makes me think I should do more paintings of figures. 

There is a beautiful combination here of line and wash.

And the areas of shadow are a beautiful mix of warm and cool colors. 

I especially like that touch of pure blue in the shadow areas. 

When I look at that it makes me wonder if I’ve actually improved as a watercolor artist. 

I think my shadows are a bit boring nowadays compared to this.

And the composition is great. 

The way the figure occupies the space of the paper creates wonderful negative spaces within the surrounding areas of the paper.

I think this is one of the lucky paintings that worked out well.

And there were probably many failures which I threw away. 

But the truth is I can’t remember as this was painted over 10 or 15 years ago.