Watercolor painting of the beautiful autumn foliage in Nanase park

Painting of the beautiful autumn foliage in a Japanese park

I painted this picture roughly around 2010. At this time I was struggling a lot at watercolor painting. And I noticed that I didn’t paint the trees and bushes well in nearly all my paintings during this period. But in this particular painting I painted the trees and bushes very well.

Unusual watercolor painting of a Japanese utility pole in the countryside

Painting of a utility pole in the Japanese countryside

This is an old painting. I painted it on the spot around 2010. And this place is in a region called Wasada. This region is on the outskirts of Oita city. I found this place by chance during one of my bicycle painting adventures. At that time, I would cycle all over the local countryside looking for beautiful places to paint.

Watercolor painting of a beautiful green rice field

Painting of a beautiful emerald green rice field

This is a story about a cycling trip by a Japanese river that I did around 2010. During this trip I came across a beautiful emerald green rice field. I did a plein air sketch of this rice field. And later on I did a studio painting from this sketch.