Watercolor paintings of people drinking coffee at Starbucks

“Coffee time”

In the past, I often went to the Starbucks cafe in the painting above. 

I loved that place.

I remember once as a Christmas present my wife gave me a Starbucks gift voucher.

And I remember how delighted I was with that voucher.

I always drank a cappuccino and I still do. 

But I not only enjoyed the cappuccinos.

I also enjoyed looking at the cafe decor.

And I enjoyed looking at the figures.

It was visually exciting.

And I used to draw what I saw.

And sometimes I would even do a quick on the spot painting.

It was during this period that I did the painting above of two girls at Starbucks drinking coffee. 

It surprises me today, to see what a brave watercolor artist I used to be that I would actually paint on the spot in Starbucks. 

I’m not sure if I’d have the bravery to do that today.

And here is one more on the spot painting that I did at Starbucks.

Watercolor painting of figures in Starbucks coffee shop
“Coffee time”

I think these paintings are beautiful examples of line and wash art. 

They are simple and light but cheerful works.

I hope at some point I’ll do a few more paintings in this style.

This coffee shop, which was in a department store called Forus, has now gone but the happy memories have not.