Painting a beautiful panoramic view from the top of a hill

Watercolor painting of a beautiful panoramic scene from the top of a hill
“A hill with a view”

I’m not sure when I painted this picture.

But I know this is an old painting.

I painted it on a spiral-bound pad.

And I painted over two sheets of paper so that I could do a huge panoramic painting that matched the view I experienced on that hill.

I have since pulled both sheets out of the pad.

So now the painting exists as two separate parts. 

When I took a photograph of this painting I decided to photograph each part of the painting separately. 

Then I put the two parts together in a photo-editing app.

This is why there is a line down the middle of the painting. 

But I find that line quite interesting. 

As you can see both sides don’t completely line up but it is good enough for me.

I can still remember going up this hill which is in a place called Akeno and my feeling of delight upon finding this wonderful view.

And I remember being very happy with the results.

I’m surprised it was a successful painting because I often struggled in those days with watercolor painting.

Also this was a large sized painting and it’s normally harder to paint on a large size.

Of course, sometimes you get a watercolor painting that is successful on the first attempt.

But that is very rare.

I think this painting could be classed as one of them.

But I also think part of the reason for my success with this painting was that I felt inspired by the scene.

In my opinion, being inspired increases the chances of making a good painting.

I haven’t visited this place since, even though it is quite near my house.

I would have to go up a steep hill, perhaps that has deterred me.

And perhaps it is because I didn’t think I could do a better painting than this one.

To be honest, though, I have no idea why I didn’t go again.

Like most things in life, it remains a mystery to me.

That’s all,