Watercolor painting of a small Japanese village

Painting of a small Japanese village somewhere between Oita city and Kitakyushu city

This is one of my old paintings. I remember visiting and painting this place but I can’t give the year exactly. I think it was around 2013. And I remember that my wife was visiting or taking our eldest daughter to Kitakyushu where she was studying at the university. However, my wife stopped on route to drop me off and let me do some painting while she went the rest of the way.

Watercolor painting of trekkers walking along a mountain path

Painting of a strange but beautiful Japanese national park called Hiraodai

I think it was around 2013 that I discovered this beautiful national park in Fukuoka prefecture. We were visiting my oldest daughter who was studying at Kitakyushu university. On the way home, we took a different route from normal and went through this national park. I was delighted because this is a very strange place with small mountains that are littered with numerous rocks.