old painting

Watercolor painting of trekkers walking along a mountain path

Painting of a strange but beautiful Japanese national park called Hiraodai

I think it was around 2013 that I discovered this beautiful national park in Fukuoka prefecture. We were visiting my oldest daughter who was studying at Kitakyushu university. On the way home, we took a different route from normal and went through this national park. I was delighted because this is a very strange place with small mountains that are littered with numerous rocks.

Watercolor painting of a mother sitting on a chair and holding her daughter. Both are asleep.

Paintings of mother and baby

In 2012 my daughter Annie was born. And every day I would see these wonderful scenes of mother and baby together. So I did a lot of sketches and sometimes even a few paintings. Here are two of the paintings and a sketch.

Watercolor painting of a farmer pushing a wheelbarrow in rural Japan at evening time

Paintings of a picturesque Japanese village called Shonai

During my wilderness years of learning watercolor painting by getting on my bicycle with my art gear and cycling off into the blue yonder of the Japanese countryside I found a picturesque village called Shonai. And I think it was around 2011 that I painted these pictures of Shonai.

Watercolor painting of a Japanese river called Nanase

Paintings of rural Japan from cycling adventures

Roughly around 2011, I painted these pictures. They are paintings of an area called Wasada. It is a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Oita city. I could easily reach this place via the path by Oita river. And in the past, I often went on bicycle adventures to this area in search of beautiful scenes to paint.