Watercolor painting of a woman sitting and writing in a cafe

Watercolor painting of a woman sitting and writing in a cafe
“Mystery woman in a coffee shop”

Sadly, I have no idea when I painted this picture.. 

I’m guessing that it was 2012.

But it’s just a guess.

And I have no idea where this place is.

Neither do I know who the woman is in the painting.

She could be my wife or a complete stranger.

I should have kept some record of my work such as a pencil date on the back of the picture and a brief note about the place or person.

But in my salad days I was just focused on painting.

And that was a wonderful freedom.

And hopefully such deep focus made me a better artist.

But later on, it caused a big conundrum when it came to organising my work.

Because I didn’t record my artwork.

And also because I have painted a lot of pictures.

I think that I presently have about a 1000 paintings even after throwing many paintings away.

Anyway, I found this small painting while I was attempting to organize my artwork.

And what I can say about this picture is that I like it. 

And this is why it never got thrown away like so many other paintings.

I love the shape of those chairs and the soft atmosphere of this scene.

The colors are also pleasing with the contrast of a warm brown and a cool blue.

Perhaps I should call this painting “A mystery woman in a coffee shop”.

What do you think?

What title would you give it?

If you can think of a great title I will let you have the painting for half the price.

That’s all,


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